• Thompson Seedless
  • Flame Seedless
  • Krissy
  • Ivory
  • Scarlet Royals
  • Autumn Royals
  • Autumn Kings

Thompson Seedless

One of the most popular seedless grape varieties. They need a long, hot summer to fully develop their fresh flavor, which makes them a perfect grape for the central valley. They are harvested in the middle of August, at the peak of sweetness at 18% sugar content.

Italia Muscats

Another popular variety of table grapes known throughout the world. Harvested in September, the Italia has a lovely golden-yellow color, plump berries that are consistent in size throughout the cluster, and a delicate flavor that has been described as having a pleasant musky tone.

Flame Seedless

Known for the deep ruby red color, the flame seedless grapes typically produce large clusters of medium sized round berries. They have a well-known sweet and tart flavor, and have a crisp texture when bitten into. A perfect snack while relaxing in the California summer sun.