Tom Benzler

Born in March of 1945 to Fred and Bertha Benzler, Tom grew up with a fascination with the many facets of farming, whether it was the machinery, the animals or the crops themselves.

Tom Benzler has many great accomplishments in his life. He graduated from Fresno State with a major in liberal studies and minor in agriculture, participated in FFA, while helping his parents back on the farm. He was determined to serve his country and joined the Marine Corps for seven years. After serving in the Marines, he followed his dream of helping bring up the next generation by being a teacher at the Kerman Unified School District for 20 years. Tom took over the farm in the late 70’s from his parents, and together with his wife Betty brought up their kids. He was instrumental in shaping what Benzler farms is today, including being the driving force in the farm being the 4th certified organic farm in the state of California. He still helps with some of the day to day activities of the farm, but now commits much of his free time to charitable causes in their Fresno community and by going out into the mission field.