Mr. "T" Benzler

Being the 3rd generation in charge of the farm, there is a lot of history riding on Mr. T’s shoulders, and he carries it very well.

He has been continuing the legacy of the farm, keeping it in compliance with the standards of organic. Another thing that makes the farm uniquely family, is that all of the workers are allowed to live on the farm, some of them even have kids close to the same age as Thomas’s kids, giving the feel of one large family. Thomas took the reins of the farm back in 2005 and oversees the day to day operation of the farm, including the harvesting, storage, and decisions regarding their sustainable agricultural practices. He also likes to be in the middle of the work, by taking charge of any kind of advanced tractor work throughout the farm. He takes great pride in what the family farm produces, and he personally goes to the San Francisco Alemany Farmers market to promote the farm and meet the customers that have fallen in love with the Benzler produce. He, like his father, believes in giving back to others in the form of mentoring and being integrated into their church families. Thomas is supported by his lovely wife Celeste Benzler. He is also the local soccer coach and active with other school activities with his children.